What side effects can men expect when using Winstrol?

As is the case with any anabolic steroid, Stanozolol comes with the risk of potential side effects. These negative effects range from mild to (potentially severe) and it is important that users of this oral cutting anabolic are aware of them before they begin there cycle so as to allow them to be prepared to prevent or address issues should they arise. Before we go into detail regarding these effects, a brief overview of what this steroid is and can do is important.

It was first synthesized in the late 1950’s by an American pharmaceutical for the purpose of treating medical issues and ailments such as (muscle) wasting diseases and promoting healing in those with broken bones, burns and other such problems. Chemically speaking it is a DHT-derived hormone with two structural changes that result in it becoming far less androgenic and far more anabolic than its parent hormone dihydrotestosterone, unable to convert to estrogen and not allowing it to not be broken down by the liver when it is taken (know as 17-alpha-alkylation or methylation). These changes also mean it is a good substrate for the SHBG enzyme, which will free up levels of other steroids in the system.

What negative impact will stanozolol have?

Despite most people being concerned with the superficial and cosmetic effects such as hair loss, excess hair growth and acne (we will touch upon these a little later on), it is important to begin with what could be the most (potentially) serious side effects. Just like other androgens (and particularly DHT-derived oral steroids) there will inevitably be a negative impact upon cholesterol (HDL and LDL), triglycerides, blood pressure and possible red blood cell count. It is not uncommon to see HDL levels decrease, LDL increase alongside triglycerides, with blood pressure also taking a hit and going into the higher end of the normal range or even above it. Just how much you are affected by these will depend on genetics, dosage and cycle length. Some individuals will be more susceptible than others, but obviously high doses for long periods of time will increase the chances of suffering such effects. As mentioned above side effects such as hair loss, excess hair growth and acne  will occur in those prone to such effects, but as is the case with all steroids, the more you take the greater the chances of experiencing these.

One thing that is pretty much only associated with stanozolol usage is joint, tendon and ligament pain and issues. For some reason it appears to cause problems with these more than any other anabolic steroid and this can obviously be very dangerous for those who lift extremely heavy weights or simply go over the the top with their volume or intensity.

How can you combat the sides caused by winstrol?

As with all steroid-related sides prevention is better than a cure, although some are impossible to predict and/or prevent so simply be aware of these and what you need to should they arise is the best policy. As mentioned above, the most serious are the ones related to cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. Although you won;’t be able to negate these completely, having a diet high in dark, leafy greens, a wide variety of vegetables and omega-3 will help immensely. In terms of supplements both curcumin and hibiscus tea have been shown to lower blood pressure and have a wide variety of other beneficial health effects. High levels of omega-3 will also help with any joint or tendon issues that may arise, but supplements like MSM and glucosamine can also be taken.

In terms of the three main ‘cosmetic’ effects – hair loss, excessive hair growth and acne, there really isn’t much you can do to prevent these. Winstrol, being a DHT-derivative, is already 5-alpha reduced so products like finasteride and dutasteride will not help with hair shedding. Hair growth can also not be stopped, although simply shaving or waxing this is the easiest way to deal with it if it is an issue. As for acne – a healthy and clean diet (as stated in the above paragraph) along with lots of water intake and regular showers should help to reduce the chances of spots occurring, but you’ll never know to what degree you’ll be affected until you actually take this compound.

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