What are the best oral steroids?

The answer to the above question will be entirely dependent on what your physique goals are. When it comes to bodybuilding and body enhancement there are four main ‘goals’: bulking, cutting, recomposition (aka ‘recomping’) and strength. Whilst the former two remain the most popular, with the popularity of the fitness model look recomposition is becoming more and more sought after. So which are the best choices for the above goals? Before we go into detail it must be said that taking anabolic steroids is a serious life choice and one that must not be taken lightly.

Oral Choices for Bulking

When it comes to bulking/gaining mass there are two ‘go to’ steroids that most people will usually choose, namely dianabol and anadrol, with the former probably being the most popular oral steroid of all time. Why are these two the most popular? Well, they are both very effective at inducing mass, muscle and strength gains and they are cheap to buy. Although some will dismiss both options for the sole reason that they are too ‘watery’, they have both been shown in scientific studies to induce lean muscle growth in as little as four (4) weeks of usage. Doses and cycle length for dianabol is 20mg-60mg per day for 4-6 weeks (depending on body size and steroid experience) and for anadrol between 50mg-150mg for up to four (4) weeks.

Are there other options? Yes, turinabol is becoming more and more popular as it becomes more readily available (and cheaper – although it is still more expensive than the above two). It is not as strong as the two aforementioned anabolics, but it will induce lean and clean gains in muscle, strength and endurance. Due to the fact it is less likely to bring about side effects it can be run up to 8 weeks at doses ranging between 40mg-100mg. Designer steroids such as superdrol and M1T could also be considered as they are very potent, but they are also likely to induce severe side effects.

Oral Choices for Cutting

Just as with bulking, there are two main choices for cutting: anavar and winstrol. Both compounds are DHT-derived and will more or less have the same effects (winstrol will build a little more muscle mass than anavar, but anavar will burn more fat than winstrol). I would advise dosages of 40mg-100mg per day for 6-8 weeks for anavar and 40mg-80mg per day for 6-8 weeks for winstrol. Due to they fact they are relatively mild they could infact be taken together, albeit at lower dosages.

Are there other options for cutting? Some people have used oral primobloan, halotestin or turinabol for these purposes and although all of these can be used for this purpose the above two compounds are the best choices for both novices and experienced users alike.

Oral Choices for ‘Recomping’

In reality, when it comes to recomposition, any anabolic steroid could be used because diet is the absolute key. Ideally you’d choose an anabolic that induces dry, lean gains such as anavar, winstrol or turinabol, but more powerful bulking anabolics such as dianabol or anadrol could be used, so long as you did all you could to keep the water retention to a minimum. If I was ‘recomping’ then I’d probably use Turinabol as not only does it build lean mass, it can help to boost strength and endurance, which is particularly helpful when doing any form of cardio.

Oral Choices for Strength

This category is probably the one with the most options available to users. There are numerous oral anabolics that could be employed for this purpose. As you would expect, the ones that induce the most strength are the ones that are particularly potent and therefore come with stronger side effects. These are (in no particular order): halotestin, anadrol, superdrol, m1t and dianabol. As you can see, all but one (halotestin) is a powerful mass gaining steroids, but all may induce serious side effects. The only choice that is potent in terms of inducing strenght, but not in terms of side effects is anavar, although the strength gains are unlikely to be as great as any of the above.

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