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The most popular steroid-related search terms are related to the purchase of steroids online (‘steroids for sale’ being the most searched for) , which is is not a surprise as there are hundreds of thousands of people each year who are looking into using anabolics. Before anyone buys and uses steroids however, it is vital that substantial research is carried out to ensure the full benefits and risks are understood and that the right compounds have been chosen for the proposed cycle. The worst mistake anyone can make is to rush into using anabolics to soon and/or without proper research into them – even a few days of reading on the internet (online steroid encyclopedia’s, online forums and even wikipedia itself for example) can give enough knowledge with which to choose the correct and the safest cycle for you to take. Of course, we would advise much more in depth research is carried out, as when it comes to research more is always better and this article will be a great starting point for this. We will detail what steroids are, the various different types of steroids that can be purchased, their effects (both positive and negative), example cycles depending on your goals (bulking, cutting, strength etc…), which forms they come in (oral and injectable) and how to take them, plus even further details that we know will come in handy for potential or existing steroids users.

What are steroids and what do they do?

The word ‘steroid’ can actually refer to different things, either anabolic steroids or corticosteroids. Although when someone uses the word steroids they are usually referring to anabolic steroids, it can be used when referring to corticosteroids. So what is the difference? Well, without getting too scientific and technical, the anabolic type build muscle (anabolism) and promote secondary sexual characteristics (androgenic) and the ‘cortico’ type break down muscle/act as anti-inflammatories (painkilling mainly) within the body. They can never be bought over the counter and must be prescribed by a doctor, and would of course never be used by those looking to build muscle. Of course, those visiting this site will only be interested in the former, so we will focus entirely on those! All steroids have at least some anabolic and androgenic properties, but to what degree depends on the individual compound. How this is calculated is by the anabolic:androgenic ratio (testosterone is the standard with a 100:100 ratio), although it should not be taken 100% literally as it is not the best indicator or steroid strength. Some steroids are more anabolic than androgenic, such Deca Durabolin and Primobloan, other are more androgenic than anabolic, such as Proviron and Halotestin and some are extremely strong on both fronts (trenbolone being an example).

When taking steroids what can one expect? This is a huge question and not that can be answered lightly nor without going into a lot of detail. Results, when taking steroids, are very subjective and will vary from individual to individual. Not only that but they will also depend on what compound(s) you take and for how long; this really is a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ type question! Before commencing your cycle regardless of your experience, current physique, choice of anabolics and cycle length, it is absolutely vital that your training, diet and rest is absolutely nailed down. There is no point disrupting (and potentially permanently affecting) your HPTA and natural homeostasis if you aren’t going to be putting in 100% to all areas. Whichever training style you utilise (ensure that is is the best type of routine for you and your goals through experimentation before your take steroids), make sure you are completely consistent and that the intensity is through the roof. Leave no stone unturned and leave everything in the gym. Your body will be able to recover faster and will be able to perform better (strength and endurance) whilst on cycle, so make sure you harness this and use it to your advantage. Throw in extra reps and sets, stay that that extra 15 mins longer, add more weight to the bar – make use of the supra-physiological levels of hormones in your body.

Getting the most out of your steroids cycle

Training is only a small part of the equation when it comes to making the most of steroids, with diet being the obvious ‘biggest player’ when it comes to ensuring you make and get the most out of your cycle. Without food and the calories, macronutrients and micronutrients it carries you will get absolutely nowhere. This one area that you should never put anything less than 100% in to whether you’re on steroids or not. Your total calories will depend on whether you’re looking to add mass, lose body fat or perhaps a combination of both, but one rule remains the same: high protein. Aim for at least 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight and perhaps increase this to 1.2g if needs be – always increase the protein and calories before upping the dosage. I won’t go into specifics about certain diet and eating plans here as it will make this a nutrition based article rather than a steroids based one, but always make sure you have a solid diet in place that you can stick to come rain or shine. Don’t shy away from treats, a 80:20 split between good clean food and junk is fine, so long as your macros and micros are being reached. As with everything you need to monitor and alter depending on results – always be willing to change or try something new because if you don’t you’ll never fully understand wat works for you and what doesn’t, both on and off steroids.

Oh, and don’t forget rest! A minimum of 7 hours sleep per night (unbroken ideally) along with naps when are able to fit them in. You grow in your sleep so don’t skimp on it and certainly don’t think you’ll get optimal results on 3 or 4 hours sleep a night.

Choosing the right steroids for your goals

When choosing which steroid or steroids to use for your cycles you must take into account several factors, the most important of which is your end goal. Are you looking to bulk up and put size on? Are you look to lose body fat whilst maintaining or even building lean muscle mass? Perhaps you’re looking to add some serious poundage to your lifts; whichever it is, you must know which steroid(s) are best for your end goal. Whilst it is true than any steroid can be used for any use, as one can merely adapt ones training and diet to give the desired results, in reality it is best to use the steroids that designed for the purpose you need them for. The following list is not set in stone and things can of course be altered and changed, but it is a basic list of which anabolics are best for which purpose.

Bulking: Injectables – Testosterone (any ester but suspension), Nandrolone (any ester), Trenbolone (any ester), Equipoise. Orals – Dianabol, Anadrol, Superdrol, Methyl-1-Testosterone, Turinabol.

Cutting: Injectables -Testosterone (any ester), Trenbolone (any ester), Masteron (any ester). Orals – Anavar, Winstrol.

Strength: Injectables – Testosterone (any ester but suspension), Nandrolone (any ester), Trenbolone (any ester). Orals – Anadrol, Anavar, Halotestin, Cheque Drops, Superdrol, Methyl-1-Testosterone.

In addition to knowing what your goals are, you must also take into account your steroid experience. This is vital as you must assess your own tolerance to dosages and compounds for health reasons – you don’t want your health to suffer just for the sake of gaining a few more pounds of muscle do you? For those just starting out who have been searching for steroids online, it is best to take one or at most two compounds for your first cycle; testosterone by itself will usually suffice regardless of your goals. Always start low with the dosages too – the worst thing you can do is embark on a cycle with the attitude that ‘more is better’, as it really isn’t. I would always advise those looking to do a testosterone only bulking cycle to start at 250mg per week (of either enanthate or cypionate) for 10-12 weeks as this alone will give you testosterone levels well above the high end of the normal range and will therefore provide excellent results on all fronts. Steroids, at the end of the day, are drugs, and should be treated as such by those looking to buy and use them.

Which kind of steroids: Injectables or Orals?

Injectables vs orals seems to be a debate that will rage on for eternity, but it is a debate that must be had an is beneficial for those looking for anabolics for sale for the first time to read and understand. In short, both have their place, but when and for how long to to use them is probably the question you should be seeking to answer.

Although most people would advise against and oral steroid only cycle, I personally disagree and am quite happy to admit that oral only courses have their place and can be of great benefit. Injectables are always the best option, but then not every can or will inject so orals will have to make do. A Dianabol only bulking cycle (30mg a day for 6 weeks for example) or an Anavar only cutting course (60mg per day for 6 weeks for example) can induce impressive gains so long as training, diet and rest are dialled in. For obvious reasons you can’t take pills or tablets indefinitely (liver enzymes and cholesterol will certainly be very negatively effected), but short cycles can be very fruitful. Are they the best possible scenario? No. Can they be used effectively to build muscle and/or lose fat? Most certainly. Ignore the old school nonsense that seems to fly around the forums. Are you look for the best legal steroids?

Of course, injectables are the best possible route to take as they usually have less side effects (this will depend on the compound taken obviously, but I mean in terms of an oral only versus and injectable only cycle for the same purpose, i.e. Dbol only vs test only). For example I would always advise a 6 week test propionate course for cutting over a 6 week anavar course. However, if you were to combine the two they you’d get the benefits of both compounds, which should bring about faster and better results, but this should be reserved for those with at least one cycle under their belts as building up compounds and dosages is something that should be done in stages to ensure continued results and no over saturation of the androgen receptors occurs. Sadly in today’s society more is better and with the prevalence of insecurity and impatience men appear to be resorting to taking silly dosages for too long all in the name of vanity. This is 100% not the route to take – always put more effort into your training or diet before upping the dosage.

Examples of basic stacks for different goals:

Bulking stack(s): Injectable testosterone with Dianabol or Anadrol ‘kick starter’.

Cutting stack: Testosterone propionate with Anavar or Winstrol.

Strength stack: Injectable testosterone with Anavar or Anadrol.

As you can see, testosterone is the base for all of these proposed stacks and this should be the case for all cycles as it your natural hormone, which the body needs. You could add in more exotic anabolics such as Trenbolone or Masteron into any of the above suggestions, but only do so if you have many years of training and steroid experience.

What are the best steroids to get ripped?

This question is asked by so many gym goers and fitness enthusiasts it’s untrue, but it is not a surprise that it is asked as the goal of many people is to build muscle and get ripped. Straight off the bat I will say that diet is the most important aspect when it comes to dropping body fat and leaning up; without the requisite nutrition you will fail in achieving your goal of being extremely lean and cut. But which diet? There are so many diets out there that it can extremely confusing choosing which one go with, but in reality there is no need to to choose a specific way of eating as all you need to do is reduce your calorie intake. This should be either reducing carbs or fats, with protein intake higher than you usually would consume. A simple calculation is your bodyweight (lbs) x 12 (example: 200lbs x 12 = 2,400 calories per day) with half of the calories coming from protein. Obviously you can adjust this as you drop bodyweight, but that is a rough guide for those looking to get ripped.

Another question often asked is whether cardio is needed to get lean. Although on the face of it it would seem obvious that cardio is required, in reality it is not. High intensity workouts or high intensity cardio are far better than the usual running on the treadmill or pounding the streets for mile after mile. I would always advise sprinting as an excellent way to boost both anaerobic capacity and drop body fat….do you ever see a sprinter who isn’t ripped? No. It just comes down to putting the work in and taking your body to the limit – that is when you will see significant changes.

Even though both diet and training are vital to getting cut, steroids can of course help you to get ripped to the bone. Providing the above is in place there are many anabolics that can assist you massively. The most popular steroids for this purpose is Anavar, with Winstrol in a close second place. Both have been shown (in studies) to retain or even build a small amount of lean muscle mass, whilst simultaneously dropping body fat. Although I never advise oral usage (due to the negative side effects), these are the best two in terms of gains:side effects ratio. Injectable choices are as follows: Trenbolone and Masteron. The former is extremely potent and should be taken without caution and care, but there aren’t much stronger steroids than Tren. It will build muscle rapidly and burn fat like an incinerator…if you can stay on it long enough that is; it is notorious for having very bad side effects. The latter, Masteron, is much milder, but is a compound used in the last 4-6 weeks pre-content as it really does suck the water out of you, increase your muscle hardness and of course help to decrease body fat. There lots of legal steroids that can be used for this purpose. Of course, a steroid stack of several anabolics would provide the best assistance and gains for those looking to get ripped up. You could also add in clenbuterol if required.

What is the best bulking steroid?

This is another question asked by a lot of people and one that causes much debate within the bodybuilding community. Not only is there the oral v injectable debate, but then the debate between the different steroids within each section. In this section I will try to (briefly!) go through the arguments people make for the best bulking anabolic. My my personal experience it is safe to say that Testosterone is the king of mass, but it is interesting to discuss other opinions regarding this subject.

Injectable vs Oral: It is not doubted that bulking orals put on overall body mass on quicker than injectables; compounds such as Anadrol, Dianabol, Superdrol and M1T will pack on some serious size in just a few short weeks, which is far more than any injectable will do. However, you can only take these orals for 6 weeks maximum, meaning gains can be short-lived and with the body only able to lay down a certain amount of lean muscle mass in a certain time period(yes, even on steroids!), gains will never outdo a longer injectable cycle. Orals certainly have a place at the beginning of a cycle, for the first four weeks for example, but it is the longer acting steroids that will induce the ‘proper’ mass gains, therefore I would always advise injectables over other forms of anabolics. However, if someone simply wanted to gains as much weight as possible in a short amount of time then one of the four aforementioned ‘bulkers’ would do the best job for sure.

Best oral for bulking: any of the main four could be chosen here, but as all out mass inducing anabolics Anadrol, Superdrol and M1T are the three most potent. There isn’t much between them to be honest and each will do just as good a job as the other(s). Dball steroid is slightly less powerful, but I would always advise using it over the aforementioned three as the gains: side effects ratio is far better.

Best injectable for bulking: while some people will say that Deca Durabolin or even Trenbolone are the best bulking compounds, for me Testosterone is the daddy of mass gaining. High-dose test will outdo any other steroid when it comes to packing on serious size; yes, there will be side effects, but that goes without saying when it comes to high doses of any anabolic. This is why I always advise clients to start with testosterone and that in reality no other drugs are needed, it is just a case of finding the right dosage and right setup for your body.

What is the best beginner steroid cycle?

With the wealth of information available online nowadays the choice of first cycle should be very simple and straightforward to decide, however, because there is so much information available it can be easy to become confused as there are so many opinions out there regarding novices anabolic cycles. There are so many questions to answer: What compound? What dose? Should I take more than one steroid? Do I need ancillaries? Etc…I will try and address all these issues (and more) in the following paragraphs to help out beginners in choosing there first course.

‘Which compound(s)?’ is the first question. In my opinion only one steroid should be taken on a first cycle. The choice of steroids depends on wether you are doing an injectable or oral course. Whichever you choose then Testosterone or Dianabol should be the compound you go for. Many will advise against an oral only cycle, but Dianabol at 30-40mg per day for 6 weeks will put size on anyone and there will be lean muscle mass gains contrary to popular belief. A Testosterone only course would always be my choice, even over my beloved Dianabol!

‘What dosage(s)?’ is the second question and again one that there is a lot of confusion about. With regards to Dianabol, as stated above 30-40mg for 6 weeks would be great, however there is no harm whatsoever in starting with 20mg and going as high as 50mg. It is all about slowly building it up and seeing how your body reacts. My biggest gripe when it comes to first cycle dosages is what most people recommend for testosterone. It seems that most adamantly advise that 500mg is the only starting dose, when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. From my perspective 250-350mg is all that is needed. Why? This will put your test levels a good portion above natural levels and there won’t be excessive estrogen or DHT conversion, thus reducing the need for ancillaries such as an AI or SERM on cycle. It is wise to avoid drugs like this at all costs during cycle as they are powerful things that will only cause more negative side effects.

Keeping gains after a steroids cycle

This area is often neglected or has less attention paid to it that the on cycle stuff, but it is here that you’ll either keep or lose your well earned gains so ensure that you it correctly. PCT is absolutely vital. I won’t go into major detail here (there are other articles on the site on PCT), but the use of HCG on cycle and either Nolvadex and/or Clomid post cycle are vital to restoring ones HPTA and cementing gains. But it’s not only the post cycle drugs that you need to focus on as diet is also a major factor (yes, just like only cycle!). If you’ve just completed a bulking cycle then keep calories high or even higher post cycle. Increase your protein and reduce your carbs by the same amount (replace 50g of carbs with 50g of protein as this will have the same calorific amount but more protein = more muscle). Never, ever try to ‘cut’ during post cycle therapy as you will lose a lot of your gains and it just isn’t worth it. On the flip side, if you have just done a cutting steroids course, then you don’t want to go overboard on the calories, but you do want to increase protein levels to ensure the lean muscle mass gains you have made and fat you have lost stays in place. Even an increase of 10%-15% per day can have dramatic effects (e.g. consuming 220g of protein rather than the 200g you were consuming on cycle). Supplements like creatine can also be implemented as it will help to maintain strength and endurance which will in turn help to fuel better workouts and induce further gains.

Steroids: A Final Note

Making the decision to take steroids isn’t an easy one and certainly isn’t one that should be taken lightly. Do your research and ensure that you have at least a few years of natural training under your belt before commencing your cycle. These few years unassisted will provide a valuable insight into how your body works and what training and nutrition methods work best for you, meaning you can get the absolute most out of your cycle when you finally decide to turn to the dark side! Please see the link at the top of the page if you are looking for Steroids for Sale Online.

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