Where can you find before and after photos from a Dianabol cycle?

When someone is considering taking steroids, namely Dianabol, it is not uncommon for them to search for before and after photos. Before looking for such photos, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of using these types of photos with which to base your goals and expectations of your cycle on. Now that may seem an odd thing to say as most people would think, ‘what’s the harm in seeing a few photos?!’, but from my experience it is better to stay grounded and base your expectations on science and anecdotal experiences. However, even this isn’t a perfect way to do it as just with everything in life results will always be individual as everyone is genetically different and no two people will train and eat the same way (and adapt/react to those). Perhaps it would first be wise to look at some general Dianabol information and what is often stated about what ‘gains’ can be made from taking it.

What gains can be expected from Methandrostenolone usage?

As I stated above, discussing ‘gains’ and things of that nature is very difficult because it is a subjective subject (and there are so many variables – diet, training and genetics being the main three), but it would only be fair to you the reader that I attempt to offer some general advice and thoughts on ‘gains’ – after all, I have taken dianabol myself and have know lots of people that have done also, therefore I’d class myself as experienced enough to discuss the subject with confidence. Before I begin I will state that the following is based on taking methandrostenolone by itself and assumes that the tablets are genuine and fully dosed.

Dianabol is well known as a powerful oral bulking steroid; it is not known as the ‘Breakfast of Champions’ for no reason! It is not uncommon for upwards of 15lbs of total body mass to be added over the course of a four week cycle, with 20lbs being achievable over the course of long six week cycle. Of course, this won’t all be lean muscle mass, as significant water/intra-cellular fluid retention is common when taking methandrostenolone, but please don’t not believe those that say you’ll build zero muscle mass – it is not true. This is an extremely anabolic compound that has been shown in scientific studies to build lean muscle mass in as a little as four weeks and providing your protein and calorie intake is sufficient then you will no doubt experience muscle growth as well.

In addition to muscle mass and overall mass gains, strength will also be boosted and users can expect modest to substantial improvement in this areas. I personally added 12.5kg to my bench press (before: 110kg, after: 122.5kg) 25kg to my deadlift and 20kg to my squat in just four weeks, which I am sure you’ll agree is a very decent strength increase!

What is the best dosage of Dianabol to take?

That depends entirely upon what your experience is, what your goals are and whether or not you’re taking it with other steroids. Those with little or no experience of anabolic usage should stick to 20-30mg per day; those with some experience can push it up to 50mg per day and those very experienced could even try doses approaching 100mg per day. Obviously as the dose increase so do the potential side effects so blood-work and regular health checks are imperative. Stacking with orals such as anadrol is possible, but remember that it is more liver toxic than the likes are winstrol or anavar so use of TUDCA and NAC will certainly be required!

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