Is it possible to get results from Clenbuterol in 2 weeks?

Whenever Clenbuterol is used in the world of bodybuilding, athletics and performance enhancement it is for the purposes of getting lean (or ‘ripped’ as it is frequently referred to) and losing fat, however what most people don’t know is that it is actually a potent bronchodilator medicine used to treat breathing disorders (such as asthma). How it does this is by activating the beta-2 receptor, which has two effects: 1) it opens up the airways therefore improves breathing and 2) it stimulates the cells to produce more heat, which in turn creates a thermogenic effect. As you can see from these two actions it is very obvious why it is used for performance enhancing purposes – it improves breathing, which will in turn increase athletic performance and it is a thermogenic, which means it will boost metabolism and fat loss within the body.  It has often been stated that it has a third effect of being anabolic (muscle-building), but despite the fact that this has been shown in animals it has never been proven in humans, therefore it is best to assume that it does not have anabolic properties (although it may be anti-catabolic and preserve muscle mass rather than building it), therefore anabolic steroids are always the best choice of PED for muscle and strength building purposes.

Will users see any kind of effects in as little as two weeks? It is possible to see modest results in such a short space of time, but users should not expect to see vast changes in that time. Once thing you will feel from day one are the effects on the body such as shaking/tremors, increased body heat, sweating and increased heart rate. Diet, training regime and other PED usage will bring about better and faster results, with the first two (diet and training) being by far the most important factors for gains, i.e. fat loss and muscle definition.

Where can you find Clen for sale?

Luckily for those seeking to use this powerful fat loss agent it is widely available across the internet. You will find clenbuterol available on both pharmacy websites as well as on sites that offer anabolic steroids, growth hormone and peptides for sale. It is one of, if not the most popular ‘cutting’ and fat loss agents used across the globe so it will never be difficult to find  (if you know where to look). When searching for an online store that offers prescription fat loss products like this then it is highly advisable to do plenty of research first, both on the compound in question and on the shop(s) you may potentially buy from. This could be said for any online purchase, but it is especially relevant for products of this nature as there are far more illegitimate sites out there and it far easier to lose your hard earned money making a purchase of this kind. There are several steroid and PED review sites on the net and browsing those to see which brands and stores have good feedback is essential; remember – be cautious and don’t rush into anything.

How common is authentic clenbuterol?

Unlike a lot of fat loss products available on the market (both supplements and PED’s), clenbuterol is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest one available. So how does this relate to authenticity? Well, firstly, products that are inexpensive to manufacture (and therefore are sold at low prices) are very rarely faked because companies supplying the product aren’t tempted to supply ‘fakes’ or tablets with lesser ingredients in, like they might be if they were selling a more expensive product (prime examples of this are steroids such as anavar, primobolan and halotestin, as well as growth hormone). Secondly, because it is a prescription medicine most of the supply comes from legitimate pharmaceutical companies, meaning the products sold are very unlikely to be faked or under-dosed. Combine these two factors and you can see that clen is an excellent choice for those wanting a legitimate and inexpensive fat loss agent.

What is the best way to cycle clen?

How you use clenbuterol will depend on what you are taking it alongside (if anything). There are three main options: 1) Taking it by itself. 2) Taking it alongside other fat loss agents. 3) Taking it with PED’s such as anabolic steroids, growth hormone etc…The obvious and most important thing here is that if you are taking it alongside other thermogenic compounds then the dose must be reduced compared if taking it alone or with steroids or growth hormone/peptides. Stacking clen with another similar compound could potentially be very dangerous unless you reduce the dosage of both. Personally, I would never recommend taking two together, instead I would opt for anabolics that have been proven to reduce body fat (or even cease fat gain) such as anavar, trenbolone and/or growth hormone. Whichever way you decide to take it and whether you are male or female you must always start with a very low dose to ascertain your tolerance to it. Starting with a low dose and building gradually is the best way to avoid as many side effects as possible; starting on a high dose is asking for trouble.

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