Anadrol Steroid Profile 

Better known as Anadrol, A-bombs or A50, Oxymetholone was originally created by Zoltan Pharma in the 1960’s. It was first developed to aid muscle and weight gain in those who were either malnourished or had growth problems, as well as those that were severely anaemic or had osteoporosis (it was even given to children!). It didn’t take long for the harsh side effects of Anadrol to manifest themselves (such as liver problems) and alternative drugs were developed to replace it. This was not the end of Anadrol in medical however, as it was used again several decades later for those suffering with HIV/AIDS. Although it was removed from use, it is easy to see why it was employed in the first place. It is extremely effective at promoting body mass gains, strength, red blood cell count and even appetite in some (although it can have a negative affect in this – it depends entirely upon the individual). In a 30 week study done on AIDS sufferers they put on 8kg of mass.

That was the end of Anadrol in medical circles, however it soon made its way into bodybuilding, thanks to a man called Dan Duchaine. He promoted it to bodybuilders as a better alternative to Dianabol as it not only provided bigger gains (in terms of overall bodyweight and strength gained), but was also cheaper as well. Rumour had it that he actually made an injectable version of Anadrol and used it on himself…and then died as a result of kidney problems. Duchaine also served ten months in prison (for mislabeling products), however upon release he continued with illegal activities and  began selling GHB with a friend and business partner. Unfortunately for Duchaine one of their customers was an undercover FDA agent and he was once again incarcerated for his crimes. Duchaine was reportedly quoted whilst in prison as saying that he was “done with bending the law” and would “use his time in prison to learn new skills that would enable him to earn a living through legitimate means”.

The Science of Anadrol

Anadrol is a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) based steroid, but, unlike pretty much all other DHT-derived steroids (such as Winstrol, Anavar and Masteron), it is not a ‘cutting’ anabolic – it is in fact the complete opposite! This just shows how one tiny change to the chemical formula (the addition of a 2-hydroxymethylene group) of a steroid can alter it immensely. Surprisingly, Oxymetholone binds to the AR (androgen receptor) very poorly – so poorly in fact that it can barely be measured. This, however, does not detract from its potency. Users can expect huge results in the form of mass gains (up to 20lbs in 3 weeks) and huge strength gains too. Granted, the gains will be ‘watery’ and only a small portion will be actual lean muscle mass, but the extra weight will promote increased strength, which is utilised properly will induce greater LBM gains.

Being so powerful it is not without side effects. First and foremost it is methylated, which means it will stress the liver. The extent of this damage is usually overstated due to people referring to a 30 week study which showed a significant increase in liver values, but that does not mean a 4-6 week cycle can be taken lightly. Blood values should be monitored all the way through as the effects will vary from user to user and you can never be sure how it will affect you. HPTA suppression is also a given, with Anadrol considered a fairly suppressive anabolic. Estrogenic side effects may also manifest themselves, despite the fact that it does not convert to Estrogen and has progestenic activity. It is widely touted that Anadrol many interact with the estrogen receptor on its own. As with any Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, side effects such as decreased HDL levels, increased LDL levels, acne, increased blood pressure and hair loss may manifest.

Dosage and Cycle Length

Dose and cycle length depends entirely upon the type of cycle. If it is an oral only cycle then 50mg-150mg a day for four to six weeks will be plenty, whereas if used a ‘kickstarted’ at the start of a longer injectable cycle, then three to four weeks at the aforementioned doses will be plenty. It can be very beneficial when using with testosterone as it has been touted that it lowers SHBG, so more of the testosterone in your bloodstream will be bio-available. Also, the fact that it doesn’t bind well with the AR (androgen receptor), means it will work in synergy with those steroids that do bind well to the AR.

Some users have combined Anadrol with Dianabol, which to some may seem crazy, but they do work very well together – just ensure you lower the doses! 25mg – 50mg Anadrol and 15-30mg of Dianabol per day for 4 weeks would be more than plenty! Expect significant mass and strength gains.

To conclude, Anadrol is one bad ass steroid! It will put mass on you fast, kick your strength a huge kick up the ass and probably give you a few side effects too! As longs you are sensible with your dose(s) and cycle length and monitor your blood values then Oxymetholone can be a great bulking anabolic.

Before & After – What gains can you expect?

As with most anabolic steroids, users always want to see before and after photos and hear how they have changed someone’s physique – and it is no different with Anadrol! A simple Google search will reveal many, many photos pre and post the use of ‘Drol’, along with hundreds, if not thousands of forum posts too. I am still collating before and after photos of real users (I want to provide original content, not re-hashed stuff stolen from other sites and forums), but I have spoken to several people who have used Anadrol and will detail their experiences below. In addition to this I will also go into further detail about my experience with it and explain how it changed my body.

I have used Anadrol twice in my life, once at the beginning of my bodybuilding ‘career’ (not actually a career – perhaps journey is a better word!) and once several years down the line. Each time it was used was under different circumstances and as two completely different types of cycle.

First use: Although many will frown up this, I actually did a ‘drol’ only cycle as my second foray into the world of anabolics. My very first course was a dianabol only one – something which most people within the bodybuilding and gym community frown upon also! I’m guessing people will want to hear my before and after stats first? Well, at the beginning I weighed 165lbs dry first thing in the morning and after taking 50mg of ‘drol’ for one week and 100mg for another three weeks after that, I finished up weighing 181lbs first thing in the morning. As you can see, I omitted the word ‘dry’ from that phrase as I was anything buy dry by the time my course had finished! Once I had completed my four week PCT (to see my PCT protocol click here) I weighed 174lbs dry upon waking. That’s right, I added 9lbs of body mass in 4 weeks, with only a small change in body fat – I;d estimate I put on 6lbs of pure muscle. Some won’t believe it as a-bomb only cycles are meant to blow people up with water and not build muscle – well not in my case. Heavy training, plenty of calories and protein resulted in significant gains in such a short period of time.

Strength is something that was also positively effected. Before my cycle my bench, squat and deadlift stats were: 95kg, 150kg and 175kg respectively; once I’d completed my four-weeker they were: 105kg, 160kg and 190kg – some serious strength added. It did decrease slightly after cessation of the drug, but all in all I added some solid strength.

Blood work was taken before and after, and although I don’t have to hand (I will dig it out and post it on this page when I do) there were no major changes. My liver enzymes were slightly elevated, but nothing majorly serious and this was the same for my kidney functions too, but this can occur as a result of training and a high protein diet so it is hard to pin down the cause specifically. Obviously my testosterone, LH and FSH tanked completely, which is a given.

Where is the best place to buy Anadrol online?

Luckily for those wanting buy anadrol (otherwise known as oxymetholone 50) online there are a dearth of websites on the internet that offer it for sale. The compound itself is one of the cheapest orals to produce (with dianabol being the cheapest) so it very rarely faked and therefore most vendors will supply legitimate products. However, as with all steroid purchases on the internet, always do your research and try to find stores that accept debit or credit cards as these are by far the safest way to pay and provide you with the most protection. The last thing you want is to be ripped off so be cautious and do plenty of research and take your time before making a purchase. We never advise buying from a local source as you have no idea who they are (they could be law enforcement) and refunds aren’t always easy to get.

How to Use Anadrol correctly

When choosing your Anadrol cycle there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration and you should begin your course until you have properly analysed these. Far too many people, particularly young people, rush into starting a steroid cycle without having done much research or properly considered what they are doing. This is not a ‘checklist’ as such, i.e. you don’t have to go through each one and ‘check’ it off, but please read through and carefully consider your options before commencing (always be aware of the side effects of a compound before you commence take it).

Before I go into further detail, I would like to point out that I am firmly against the notion that Anadrol is a compound for experienced users only; in my opinion a beginner or novice can use this anabolic, provided they use it correctly and don’t abuse it. Also in my opinion, ‘Drol’ only cycles are completely fine – I myself completed one may years ago and made great gains. I will not talk about whether you are ‘ready’ for steroids either – I will simply make the assumption that you know your body and current physique well enough to know whether you are ready to start a course of anabolics.

Firstly, will you be taking it by itself or as part of a bigger/longer cycle with injectables, or perhaps with another oral? These are the main three options, with the second option being the most popular. Dosing and duration will differ depending on which decision you make, but even then there are several available options. For example:

Anadrol only cycle: 100mg per day for four weeks. 150mg a day for three weeks. 50mg per day for 6 weeks. All are legitimate options. The longer cycle may allow for more actual muscle gains, but the shorter, higher dosed cycles will induce greater and more rapid overall mass and strength gains.

As part of an injectable course: A kickstart for the three first three-four weeks at 50mg-100mg per day would suffice and give you a huge boost before the injectables kick in (providing you are using longer acting esters). Which long-ester steroids work well with it? Testosterone is always a firm favourite!

Stacked with another oral: most, if not all, will frown upon this, but Oxymetholone can Dianabol are a formidable stack – expect rapid gains, and I do mean rapid! Of course, you would need to lower the dose of each, but 50mg of ‘drol’ and 20mg of Dianabol per day for four weeks would be a superb oral only course.

Secondly, what are you goals? Cutting is not really an option with A-bombs, as regardless how much of a calorie deficit you are in and how clean your diet is you will experience substantial water retention. ‘Drol’ was designed for bulking, so if you’re looking to stay mega lean or not bloat then it isn’t the right choice for you.

Thirdly, are you prepared for the worst possible side effects? Being an oral it will obviously have the usual side effects, the main ones being the potential for liver stress or damage and knocking your cholesterol completely out of whack. In addition, due to its activation of the progesterone receptor, it may cause problems (possible gyno, lactation etc..) via this pathway, meaning dostinex will be required if these occur. Others side effects are the same as any other androgen, but these are the most serious and you must be aware of them before commencing your cycle.

What is the optimum dose?

Choosing your Anadrol dose or dosing schedule is entirely dependent on firstly your overall cycle, and secondly, your end goals. As you will be aware, 99% of the time ‘Drol’ comes in 50mg tablets, but this doesn’t mean you have to take it in denominations of 50(mg). I would like to start to by saying there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ dose, but simple common sense must be applied when dealing with strong anabolic and androgenic compounds. A lot of the time it a case of combining common sense with knowing your body and your own tolerances to figure out what is best for you and your goal(s). In essence, there are three ways of taking Anadrol – by itself; with other injectable steroid(s) or with another oral anabolic – the former is largely frowned upon, but not nearly as much as the latter. Ignore those who dismiss oral only courses and/or stacking orals – it is prevalent amongst users and done correctly (and safely) it can produce excellent results. Your bodyweight may impact upon dosing, but unless you are at the extreme ends of the spectrum then don’t pay too much attention to it.

Anadrol Only Cycle: dose and cycle length go hand in hand. By itself, it can be run for three to eight weeks. Doses from 25mg to 200mg can be used, i.e. 25mg per day for eight weeks or 200mg per day for three weeks, or anything in between. A ‘standard’ standalone cycle would be 100mg per day for four weeks, with possibly the first week at 50mg and the last at 150mg. Upping the dose can be done when you feel you can tolerate what a certain dose does to your body; don’t up it purely for ‘gains’ – listen to your body.

Anadrol combined with injectable(s): ‘Drol’ is used mainly as a ‘kickstarter’ at the beginning of a longer injectable cycle, for example someone may wish to take 500mg of Testosterone enanthate or cypionate (or any long ester), but as these don’t properly kick in until around week four they may wish to get things going from day one by taking an oral. 50mg – 100mg per day for the first three to four weeks is perfect for this. Alternatively, if a short-estered steroid is being used, then they can simply be taken together for 4-6 weeks, for example an Anadrol + Test Propionate 6 week cycle would be a great mid-length cycle for mass and strength.

Combined with another oral: although highly advised against, two orals can be used together, but you must be very cautious when doing so as it will increase the stress on your liver. Anadrol can be stacked with various other oral steroids – Dianabol for an all out bulk, Anavar for strength and lean muscle mass gains, Halotestin for aggression and strength. All you need to remember is to lower the dose of both, for example: 50mg of ‘drol’ and 20mg of Dianabol; 50mg of ‘Drol’ and 40mg of Anavar; 50mg of ‘Drol’ and 10mg of Halo. In short, don’t venture over the 50mg of Anadrol when stacking with other oral anabolics.

Don’t be limited by the information above however – if you wanted to take 75mg for 5 weeks then try it. Or similarly if you want to taper up and taper down dosages then try it. Just listen to your body and ensure that you have blood work done to ensure your health doesn’t suffer as a result – this is imperative!

What effects does Anadrol have on the body?

The effects of Anadrol, as you would expect with all anabolic steroids, can be both positive and negative. In this article I will detail the benefits of Anadrol and explain how it can help you to achieve your goals (which, if you are reading this, must mean you are looking to bulk up and add mass), along with the side effects that will (probably) come with it. I say probably as it will vary from person to person and will ultimately depend on how sensitive you are to Oxymetholone.

Anadrol is a bulking anabolic steroid. Pure and simple. It could, in theory, be used to cut with, but the excess water retention that will occur (regardless of how low your carb and sodium intake it), would make it a very frustrating time indeed. It’s primary use is as part of a longer cycle, usually combined with testosterone (a long acting ester such as enathate or cypionate) and taken for the first three or four weeks before the testosterone reaches peak levels in the bloodstream. So what effects can one expect when taking Oxymetholone?

Benefits of taking Anadrol

Weight gain: You will add serious mass. Sure, this mass will be largely water and glycogen (within the muscle – remember for every gram glycogen your muscle absorbs it will take 4 grams of water with it), but you will add a significant amount of overall body weight. It is not uncommon to see increases of up to 15lbs in as little as two weeks.

Muscle gain: There are those that say you only add water weight when taking Anadrol – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anadrol is a very anabolic (and moderately androgenic compound, certainly more androgenic than most people give it credit for) therefore when combined with training and a high protein diet the accrual of muscle mass to whatever degree) is inevitable. Granted, you won’t pack on 10lbs of lean mass in a four week Drol only cycle, but 4-6lbs is very much achievable if you put the effort in when working out, if you eat as cleanly as possible (whilst consuming more than enough calories to grow and support new muscle tissue) and you sleep consistently and for 7+ hours per night (or over a 24 hour period).

Strength increases: Another area where Anadrol will help immensely is strength. Adding 10% onto your bench, deadlift and squat in a matter of weeks is not unheard of and over the course of a full cycle the strength increases can be insane.

Side effects

Sadly, with the good comes the bad and those taking Anadrol will probably experience side effects to some degree and in some way, shape or form. The most common are increase in blood pressure and red blood cell count. Whilst that latter can help with endurance, if it increases too much your blood will become to viscous (thick) and your heart will need to work harder to pump blood around the body – something you want to avoid. The increase in blood pressure is usually down to this. A clean diet, plenty of water and healthy fats is one way to address this. In addition, cholesterol and lipids will probably be affected to some degree, with HDL decreasing and LDL increasing – again, a healthy diet with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids will help no end if this occurs. These are the most serious side effects of Anadrol, with the more cosmetic and aesthetic side effects such a hair loss (to those prone to MPB), increased hair growth on the body and acne, common but harmless. Gynecomastia can occur, which is a surprise to many due to the fact Drol is a DHT-based steroid and therefore estrogen related effects should not occur, but it is believed that Anadrol interacts with the progesterone receptor and causes gyno through this pathway. Cabergoline (dostinex) would be needed if this was to occur.

Does Anadrol cause hair loss?

This is probably the most common question in relation to any anabolic steroid and Anadrol is no exception. We all value the hair on our heads (as vain as it is!), so taking precautions by carrying out research is necessary – it’s just a shame people don’t go to the same lengths when it comes to researching far more serious side effects such as increased blood pressure or increased red blood cell count. But, that is besides the point, back to anadrol and its impact upon hair.

If we look at Anadrol’s chemical structure, we can see that is a DHT-derived steroid, which means it is basically a DHT molecule modified a) to methylate it (so it is not broken down by the liver) and b) to ensure it is not de-activated in muscle tissue like DHT is. Straight off the bat you can see the issue. DHT is the androgen responsible for inducing hair loss in individuals prone to Male Pattern Baldness. How do you know if you’ve got the ‘hair loss gene’? If you’ve still got a full, thick head of hair by your late twenties then you should be ok (but not guaranteed). Ok, so Anadrol is  DHT derivative, but how androgenic actually is it? Well, if we look at its anabolic:androgenic ratio we can see that it has an androgenic score of 45. This, however, is misleading and a low score doesn’t always mean it won’t be androgenic. Look at Masteron for example, that has a very low androgenic score but will make your hair fall out quicker than pretty much all other steroids! The most important factor here is the fact Anadrol is DHT-based.

Can you take finasteride to stop hair loss from Anadrol?

Those of you aware of what finasteride is (or any other anti-androgen/DHT blocker for that matter) will know that it stops the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which can help to slow down, stop or even reverse hair loss. Sadly, however, finasteride cannot be used to stop hair loss when taking Anadrol. Why? Because Anadrol is already an active androgen and can interact with the androgen receptors (in the scalp) without being reduced by the 5AR-enzyme (like testosterone is reduced into DHT). This is the case for every steroid except for testosterone – taking DHT blockers will not help, and in the case if Deca Durabolin they can actually make it far more potent and androgen, thus speeding up hair loss even though Deca is a weak androgen, so be careful!

From speaking to those who have taken Anadrol both in person and on online forums it seems that it is entirely individual. I know people that have had hair loss on Anadrol, but not had any hair loss on any other steroids! Conversely, some people have had none on Drol but a lot of even weaker androgens. The best thing to do if you are going to take Drol as part of your cycle is to start with a low dose and build up and simply monitor your hair loss (look at your pillow when you wake up, when washing your hair etc…) and go from there. If it seems to be falling out a lot or at a faster rate than usual then stop taking it.

Oral v Injectable Anadrol

As you may or may not know, Anadrol comes in two main oral forms: tablets/pills and capsules. In addition to the oral form, it actually comes as an injectable too, however the injectable form was never developed for medical purposes and was solely created by underground labs for muscle building, performance enhancing and bodybuilding purposes. This form of ‘drol’ is extremely rare and only a few labs in the world actually produce it as most people prefer the ease of taking it orally, despite there being several advantages to injecting it, which will be discussed later on in this article.

‘A-bombs’ are not produced by legitimate pharmaceutical companies anymore as there is no use for them medically. Originally they were used to treat wasting diseases as they promoted the accrual of body and muscle mass in those that needed it most, however much better drugs have been developed and therefore Anadrol is only used by athletes, gym goers and bodybuilders nowadays. When originally created it was made into 50mg tablets, with the dosage being 50mg-150mg per day, and this has held fast over the years and pretty much 99% of all of the products produced by UG labs are of this amount. Most still produce actual tablets/pills just like the original compound was made, however some labs do prefer to cap their products and supply them in capsule form.

Does it matter whether you take tablets or capsules? Is there a difference? For all intents and purposes, no, there is no difference. Both will get broken down and both will be utilised by the body in exactly the same way. However, if we were being specific, it is apparent that tablets do break down faster than capsules in the stomach and therefore are absorbed ever so slightly quicker, so if you were using ‘Drol’ pre-workout then taking the tablet form of it may result in it entering your bloodstream quicker.

So what about the injectable form. Why is it so maligned? First of all, I think most users prefer to take orals rather than inject, and Anadrol is a ‘classic’ oral. Secondly, it is rarely produced so people may be skeptical of taking it as they may be unsure of what they are actually getting, which is understandable. It does have one major advantage over the pill form though – there is no liver toxicity. Oxymetholone is renowned for being harsh on the liver and studies have shown that it will increase liver enzymes by quite a substantial amount (granted, these studies were carried on on older people at high dosages for longer periods than you would cycle it, but it still shows the risk). By injecting it you take this out of play completely and avoid this side effect and reducing side effects is always a beneficial thing to do!

Should you be worried about purchasing Anadrol tablets? In short, no. It is rarely faked and if anything it will be replaced by Dianabol which acts in a very similar way. UG labs wouldn’t really gain much from doing so, so whether it comes in tablet or capsule form (and you trust your source of course!) then you shouldn’t have many issues with it.

What results can you expect from an Anadrol cycle?

When considering a steroid cycle results are the first thing people think about, and being a popular bulking anabolic this question is often asked of Anadrol. We all take steroids for one reason: results! Be they lean muscle gains, overall body mass gains, strength and power increases etc…we all have an end goal, or at least a vague idea of what we want to achieve from our chosen cycle. However, before we begin to discuss potential results that could be gained, it must be remembered that results are subjective and will vary from person to person. There are many things that will affect gains, including, but not limited to: your style of training, your diet, the amount of protein you are consuming, your daily activity levels and the amount of rest/sleep you are getting. Every steroid, A-Bombs included, requires all of these factors to be as close to optimum as possible for maximum results.

So what can you expect to gain on Anadrol? Well, firstly, it depends on the cycle. Are you taking it by itself or are you taking with other steroids, either as a kickstarter at the start of a longer injectable cycle, along side a short-estered injectable or with another oral? I would suspect most people reading this article have searched for results on Anadrol only, so I shall begin with this and then move onto the other two options further on in the article.

As a standalone: if we assume that all of the aforementioned factors are as optimal as they can be, the one thing that will influence the results will be the dose. It has been shown, as you would expect, that gains on 100mg per day are better than on 50mg per day, and gains further increase on 150mg per day. However, after that diminishing returns kick in, so taking above 150mg won’t really increase gains and more than likely result in more side effects, which is obviously something you want to avoid (for in-depth look into choosing your Anadrol dose, please see this article here). Many will also suggest that the level of your physique or experience of steroids will massively impact upon gains, but from my experience this is not the case and it plays a relatively little part in the outcome – androgens don’t discriminate, they just do their job.

My second ever cycle was an Anadrol only cycle which although most will pour scorn upon, it was actually a very fruitful course for me. I started weighing 165lbs and finished, four weeks later at 181lbs. Granted, this was not all muscle, but after a four week PCT I ended up at 174lbs, so a total of 9lbs added, of which I would estimate 6lbs was lean muscle. My dose? 50mg per day for the first week and 100mg per day for the next three weeks (for a total of 4 weeks/28 days). I also 10kg to my bench press, 10kg to my squat and 15kg to my deadlift. Was I happy with the results? In a word – yes. Very happy.

Could you achieve similar results whilst on Anadrol? Of course. Just train very hard, eat like a monster, make sure your protein consumption is high enough (1.5g per lbs of bodyweight) and get plenty of sleep and rest.

A review of this oral bulking steroid

‘Anadrol reviews’ is a fairly well searched term when it comes to people making anadrol-related searches on Google and other search engines. It is, of course, obvious what they are looking for – feedback and testimonials on the oral anabolic steroid Anadrol. Luckily, with the sheer amount of people that use bodybuilding-based forums nowadays, finding these reviews on ‘Drol’ really isn’t difficult! There are thousands upon thousands of people who have used it and subsequently wrote about it on the internet. Head over to Google now and search for the phrase to see just exactly what people think of it. As for me…I have used Anadrol several times, both as part of a longer cycle (combined with injectables) and as a standalone, both of which I will detail below.

My review of Anadrol Tablets as a standalone is a little bit of a mixed bag – mainly good, but there are some negative points that I want to share with you that I want you to be aware just before you embark upon taking this potent oral bulking compound. Before I delve into the pros and the cons, I will detail what my cycle was: 50mg per day for week one, 100mg per day for weeks two and three, and 150mg for the fourth and final week. Yes, I tapered, but only because I wanted to assess my tolerance to the drug. In theory (as I discuss in other articles), you could use doses from 25mg up to 200mg for three to six weeks if you could handle the side effects. My review of Anadrol…

The positives: one word, ‘Mass’. I put on serious mass. Note how I use the word ‘mass’, not ‘muscle’, when talking about Anadrol. It was very watery and ‘bloaty’ as you would expect, but I blew up around 15lbs in a matter of weeks and then proceeded to add more mass in the last week also, totalling around 20lbs. I got massively strong, adding 15% to all major lifts and I actually found my endurance improved slightly (due to increased RBC I would imagine), despite carrying around the extra bulk. If you want to put on bodyweight quickly then Anadrol (or Dianabol) should be your oral of choice; never have I seen a bad review of Anadrol when it has been used for its designed purpose!

The negatives: despite feeling euphoric/in a good mood a lot of the time, Anadrol did affect my appetite and did, especially at 150mg per day, leave me feeling a little rough. If I was to do another Anadrol only cycle, I would certainly not go above 100mg per day as this seemed to be the sweet spot in terms of gains and not feeling awful! My blood pressure and heart rate was increased somewhat, which I suspect was partly down to the extra bulk, but it is something that must be noted. The gains were obviously watery and of the 20lbs gained, I only kept around 5lbs after I had completed PCT. Was I happy with this? Yes, but to have to gain an extra 15lbs probably wasn’t the best way to go about gaining 5lbs of muscle. I suffered minor hairloss and increased body hair growth, along with a few spots here and there, but all in all it wasn’t too heavy on negative side effects.

As for my review of Anadrol is part of a longer injectable based cycle, it was epic! Using it or Dianabol as a kickstart of a testosterone cycle is the best thing you can do to ensure you start making gains quickly. The combination of a powerful oral bulking compound like Anadrol along with testosterone is the ultimate mass and feel good stack. Because you use a slightly lower dose than you would do for an oral only cycle, the side effects are not as prevalent, so you feel much better. Couple that with the power of pure testosterone and you’re on to a winner on all fronts: mass, strength and a sense of incredible well being too. I would highly advise the use of Anadrol for all those wanting to boost their testosterone cycle – just keep the dose below 100mg and don’t go over three weeks as that is when testosterone (long esters) kick in.

Stacking Anadrol with other steroids

‘How to stack Anadrol’ (with other steroids) is a common phrase searched for and a question that should be asked, because there are many different ways it can be stacked and cycled. Why people seem to search for it, I’d guess, is because they think it can’t be taken as a standalone (as this is what appears to be drilled into people on forums and in gyms etc..), when in reality it most certainly can. This article, however, will focus on stacking Anadrol with other steroids, both oral and injectable (yes, it can be stacked with other orals – crushing another internet/bro-science myth!).  Anadrol has two main purposes – mass gaining and strength. It could be used for a cutting, but in reality it will cause too much fluid retention to be effective for this use. On the plus side, it may kill your appetite so cutting would become a lot easier!

Anadrol Bulking Stacks: Injectables or Orals? Well, it is safe to say that a long injectable-based cycle that incorporates Anadrol will win hands down for total mass and muscle gains, simply due to the fact it will be longer than an oral stacked cycle. What can Anadrol be stacked with for mass? Testosterone is the obvious choices and in my opinion no bulking cycle should be without it. A simple Testosterone cycle with ‘Drol’ as a three or four week kickstart would yield tremendous gains provided that training, diet and rest is dialled in. If you have several cycles under your belt or fancy being a bit more exotic, then Trenbolone could certainly be added into the mix, or possibly even something like Masteron, depending on your desired goals. Dosage ill ultimately depend on your current size and tolerance to the drug, but anywhere between 50mg and 200mg can be used safely (just make sure you get blood work done pre, during and post cycle to ensure your health remains in tact!).

As for an oral stack, then the obvious choice would be cycling it with Dianabol. Of course, one would need to reduce the dose of both compounds (your liver really wouldn’t thank you if you were throwing 60mg of ‘Dbol’ and 100mg of ‘Drol’ down your neck for 6 weeks!). 20mg of Dianabol and 50mg of Anadrol stacked for 4 weeks would induce epic mass and strength gains, and is certainly worth looking at if you have a fear of injecting yourself or refuse to do so for whatever reason(s). Of course, Dianabol isn’t the only oral that you can stack ‘Drol’ with – you could pair it turinabol for bulking purposes (I would advise no more than 50mg of Tbol with 50mg of A-bombs); with Anavar for Strength (up to 60mg per day of Var) and possibly even with Winstrol if you were looking to lean up, whilst wanting to increase lean muscle mass. The choice of oral will depend on your end goals, but as you can see there are several options available to you should you wish to stack anadrol with another oral steroids.

Although I do suggest Anadrol can be stacked with other orals, it should never be stacked with designer steroids such a Superdrol or Methyl-1-Testosterone (M1T), as these are extremely potent and very, very liver toxic and it would be foolish to combine these with any other oral, let alone Anadrol.

Chemical name: Oxymetholone

Chemical Formula: 17 beta-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha-androstan-3-one Year first developed: 1960’s Effective dose: 25mg – 200mg daily Half-life: up to 18 hours Detection time: A:A Ratio: 320:45

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  1. I have searched everywhere for information on Injectable Liquid Anadrol…when I get to what appears to be the info I’m looking for; it’ll only give info on orals and stacks, but no info on how much and when to use only Liquid Anadrol?? Can you help? Thank you, Squid

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